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Europe Studies Labor (ESL) Georgia is a European non-government (non-commercial) company. Registered in the Republic of Georgia and operating worldwide. The main focus of our organisation, humanitarian and high technology projects.

David Phurtskhvanidze , CEO of ESL Georgia
Our mission is to initiate, develop and support commercial and humanitarian projects building sustainability in the world of new realities.
ESL Georgia widely uses modern business instruments, the newest scientific and engineering technologies to achieve goals.

ESL Georgia and Partners, provide numerous types of activities in areas of media, telecommunications, advertising, digital economy, medicine, public, governmental and social relations, education and human resources.
David Phurtskhvanidze , CEO of ESL Georgia
Acting as media supporter during coronavirus pandemic spread
It is an honor for ESL Georgia to make changes for people in their home country.

On June 3-5, 2020, ESLG had organised a charity event CoronaFREEstreet in the capital of Georgia. The purpose of the action was; to provide humanitarian assistance (in the form of essential goods) to poor citizens affected by the pandemic. The activity took place in one of the central areas of Tbilisi - on David Agmashenebeli Avenue.

As well as sustaining the Georgians, we also support families in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines and planning to spread our charity in countries with the low economy.

ESL Georgia controls the venture of several national and international telecom carriers operating on the wholesale and retail market using Voice-Over-IP and traditional phone technologies. We carry more than ten million minutes of international calls monthly, mostly to Asian and CIS countries. We use all profit from telecom business to deliver support to our humanitarian projects.
We invest in scientific research and engineer development within the latest internet technologies, web-related services, phone applications for communications, media, cryptocurrency instruments. We use unique technology platforms for compassionate projects as well as high-tech applications.

International charity telephony

We research, develop and perform a full variety of technologies for international telephony. One of our recent and we believe - revolutionary telecom project Call2Club based on combination Voice-Over-IP and national "Public Switch Telephone Networks" technologies. It provides free international calls to hundreds of phone networks worldwide. Unlike the standard popular web programs for messaging and calls, (such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber) Call2Club user can make a free call to a person residing in a place where the Internet's connection is not available. We are providing utterly FREE telephone calls to countries mostly suffered during COVID-19 pandemic.

and Human Resources

ESL Georgia is participating with respectable international partners Arona International, Avakum Alliance LP, Europe Studies BD Global in the humanitarian project in education to teach and train students from Bangladesh and Asian countries, giving access to European universities.
ESL Georgia is actively funding digital and printed book's publishing of Asian and European authors. We are translating texts and distribute them globally. We have successfully started the ambitious project in book production: "Most powerful leaders of the World", aiming to bring to life an independent view of world leaders). Also, ESL Georgia is currently participating in an ambitious project by distributing Asian news in European countries.

Global Security and
Public Relations
ESL Georgia provides the majority of projects devoted to comprehensive global security. Also, we are consulting and offer any support in public, governmental and social relations. We have strong relationships with national and political elites in the USA, European and Asian countries. ESLG provides any PR and GR services to our clients. We invite for cooperation any Georgian or Caucasus regional organizations if it consents with principles and ideology of concept, "Secure Caucasus" developed by us. These days we are trying to become a member of ECOSOC of United Nation.

Medical Equipment Trade
ESL Georgia provides, initiate and support international trading of medical equipment and goods between European and Asian countries. We have perfect price arrangements with the world's leading products of medical equipment suppliers. Additionally, we take care of logistics and customs procedures. Therefore ESL Georgia is developing various types of commercial actions we use the profit from trading operations for charity.

We love our PARTNERS
Thing! Telecom, Hungary
Avakum Alliance LP, England
Arona International
Clever Management and Investment, Israel
Eastern News Agency (ENA), Bangladesh
3D International BD, Bangladesh
Avakum Media LLC, Russia
Lexico Comminications Ltd.
Abela Alliance LP, Ireland
IDT Telecom, USA
Bangladesh Trading Corporation, Bangladesh
Divico Limited, Croatia

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